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Well in national news people in the UK upset at the death of Eastenders character Phil Mitchell (The spanner got Spannerd by Stacey), Now I don't watch this shit and haven't watched live TV for years but pretty much everyone in the UK knows who Phil Mitchell is.

Personally I think the people of the UK have bigger things to worry and be upset about like the state of our government, Brexit and just the general state of the UK at the moment. If you upset about the plot of a TV Drama and feel the need to bitch and moan on Social media you must have a pretty boring life.

Social media is a powerful tool in the right hands and could be used more to highlight and fix social issues around the world but no people choose to use it to bitch and moan about a Fucking TV charterers death.

There is so much going on in the UK and the world, if we all took note we could try to fix things, protesting in one country alone won't fix climate change, yes human's have don alot of damage to our planet and are probably speeding up the process but climate change is also a natural occurrence that's been happening since the dawn of time. Perhaps instead of shutting down a city and hypocritically leaving litter strewn all over the place after the protest you could use social media to highlight the issue and educate people with the correct facts and lead by goddamn example, blocking the M32 in Bristol didn't do much either, a part from causing a man to miss out on precious last moments with is dying father. What did these protests really achieve in the end? I'd love to know.

If you really feel the need to protest about climate change and environmental issues you should protest at the next G20 summit where all the world leaders can take note, The UK is not the biggest contributor to plastic waste or C02 emissions and our country has much bigger issues to deal with.

Violent Crimes are nationally on the rise and so many young people have died including a pregnant mother and her unborn child, knifes and other sharp dangerous weapons seem to be the object of choice for most of these violent criminals, now you have to ask how do these violent criminals obtain such weapons, well the answer is Amazon and websites such as (I love but seeing them sell weapons is sad). The government needs to do something about this the issue obviously is border controls no one seems to be checking on the incoming mail and Royal mail isn't doing enough to check on what really is in the package sent. Sharp weapons and objects are also easily obtainable from discounts stores. Spanners will probably be the next weapon of choice as it was the weapon that finally took down the seemingly immortal Phil Mitchell which in my opinion highlights another cause for the surge in violent crime, TV, movies, video games and the media all glorify and normalize violence even with the TV threshold children do see it, some parents think it's ok to allow their kids to engage with this kind of stuff.

The state of the UK government is in tatters, I honestly feel that I can't trust or support any political party at this moment in time, until they realize that by working for the government means they are all public servants and should be setting aside and public, personal and political bias they have so they can work together to make the UK safe and fair for all who live here. This can't be done when certain political party leaders want to overthrow the current government for their own needs and agenda. Yes we now have a PM in place again but the UK is weak, this has been proven by Iran who took the opportunity to kick us when we are down by stealing a British Navel ship, showing the world how weak our defenses truly are. It's up to the government to strengthen our defenses, boost our economy and keep it's promises to the people.

Brexit is a big issue right now, in my opinion it's left us on the verge of civil war. People who voted to leave are being labeled as racist, whilst people who voted to remain are begin labeled as communists, why should how someone chooses to vote change your personal opinion of them? At the end of the day we live in a democracy and more people voted to leave than remain, yet people who voted to remain now want to over turn this vote, I ask what if the tables were turned and the remain vote had won, yet those who voted to leave wanted to overturn that vote how would you feel then? Would there be as much as a ruckus? I feel that there would not. It's shocking how both remainders and leavers have behaved, and I ask you what the worst that can happen really if we do in fact face a No Deal Brexit? I feel it would be a fresh start and leave us open to new and exciting opportunities.

The benefit's system also needs a big overhaul, I've seen both sides of the fence on one side there are people who blatantly abuse and somehow con the system then their in a pub drinking,dancing and boasting about their handout, then there are families that through no fault of their own end up turning to the DWP to support themselves and their families that can't get jack shit yet they payed their NI and taxes, I'v read stories of Capita assessors lying because they have a quota to fill, hell I've even faced assessors myself and they will go against all medical and supporting evidence to get the outcome best suited to reach their quota when doing assessments including judging someones disability and how it effects them on how they are dressed (I shit you not). This system needs a massive change perhaps using private firms such Atos or Capita is part of the problem here and ok so most people abusing the current system do get caught out eventually but at was cost to the public? the money the defrauded is probably all gone and they will get a minimal prison sentence because our judicial system is also a farce.

Speaking of our judicial system, well what can I say it's a farce. You have rapists, murders and pedophiles walking the streets after serving less than half the sentence they were handed after staying in a prison that can be likened to a holiday camp (I know this for a fact, I have visited people in prison who have boasted that they have a TV and the latest gaming console for good behavior and tell me the foods better than what I get at home). This makes me feel like criminals are not being punished properly for the crimes they commit and are more likely to re-offend or commit a worse crime again this can be blamed on the government.

I'm really not anti-establishment, It's just I think the government could do better in all aspects if all parties got their asses in gear and found some common ground and worked for the good of the people they are supposed to serve, some of the MP's and Councillors in my local area are actually doing stuff beneficial for my community and paying out their own pockets and I voted for them because I saw the work they have been doing and even though they didn't win this years local election they still strive to carry on their hard work for the good of the community, all government officials nation wide should take a leaf out of their book.

This rant could go on and on but I'll save it for another day. I ask you what are your thoughts on the current state ok the UK? What do you think could be done to improve our country?

Lisa V

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