Kill Knife Crime

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After Reading this article in the Daily Mail: I felt the need to write about this issue. Knife crime has been escalating over the last few years across the whole country and the government and the police haven't been doing anything to actively tackle it until a Police officer gets attacked, now their outraged, now their calling for tougher sentences. I'm glad the officer lived and is recovering, no one deserves to be stabbed. Tom Webb's Mother has been advocating for tougher sentences and knife crime prevention since he was killed in 2016, but it takes a police officer being attacked to bring the issue to forefront of the government's agenda.

One big issue is knife's are easily obtainable online, no checks or anything and discount shops also stock an array cheaply that pretty much makes them disposable. The other main issue is the justice system and not just for knife crime all sentences for violent crimes are silly and meaningless and people like Jon Venables get a free pass and several new identities costing the tax payer thousands. Now all of the sudden BoJo and Sadsack Khan want the perpetrator of this attack to be dealt with swiftly and and tough sentence to suit the crime, with Khan saying " I am utterly appalled by this sickening attack on a serving Met police officer. We will use all the resources at our disposal to ensure the perpetrator of this heinous attack is brought to justice" where were such resources when Tom Webb was killed?

Haris Mohammed was 16 when he murdered Tom, he got 14 years but will only serve half of that so 7 years for taking a life, he will be free when he's the same age Tom was when he died and will then be free to live the rest of his life, how is that fair? Why is it when people young and old across the country are being killed and maimed and with more than 84 stabbing deaths in London alone this year so far, the police and the government don't have a strategic plan to tackle the issue, but then a police officer gets attacked and now their in an uproar and want to tackle the issue head on.

Tom's mum said this in a recent local news article after yet another stabbing in Derby "This problem is not just a London issue. That's where the focus is but these figures show it's here as well. Nationally, it's an epidemic.There seems to be little that can stop or cap it. The police are having their funding cut at a time when they need more funding and more officers. I'm very disturbed by the figures. I'm really frustrated, upset and incredibly worried by them. I have been crying out for something to be done about this since Tom's death."

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