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Ok so Extinction Rebellion's co- founder Roger Hallam said: “We are not just sending out e-mails and asking for donations. We are going to force the governments to act. And if they don't, we will bring them down and create a democracy fit for purpose and yes, some may die in the process.” Does this sound like a peaceful solution really? I'm all for saving the planet, I recycle and don't litter but the leaders of this group think it's ok to let people die for their cause and have an ulterior motive that there followers don't see or chose not to see.

I read a story in a local newspaper this evening about a lady who has chosen to skip her daughter wedding so she can go to an Extinction Rebellion demonstration taking place in outside Derby City Council house tomorrow 24/07/2019. I feel that protesting in a small city at 5 pm on a Wednesday won't really gain that much attention for the cause this lady wants to fight for, she should go to her daughters wedding there will be other protests she can attend.

We could all do more to save the planet, Stop holidaying abroad, use public transport where possible, impose a plastic tax on super markets to reduce plastic packaging, only buy glass milk bottles that are widely recyclable use social media to raise awareness don't bring large cities and airports to a standstill it just makes people angry and last time Extinction Rebellion occupied London they left heaps of litter and a man missed the chance to say goodbye to his dying dad because ER thought it'd be good to block the M32.

Thing is it's not just the UK that's causing climate change issues look at China, India and America, they are biggest culprits when it comes to stomping a whooping carbon footprint on the world if you feel protesting is the ultimate solution for climate change then protest at the G20 Summit where all the world leaders can take note if they chose to.

At the moment the UK is in crisis, Bo Jo needs to find his feet and he may not be my favorite choice for PM but he is and our government needs to stop acting like a pack of spoiled kids in a playground, dust of their dummies and stand together and fix our country. Division has made us weak, other parties need to rally around and except the current leadership and the voice of the majority of UK people at the end of the day all government staff are public servants and need to serve the public, not themselves.

The things the UK should protest about right now is the violence erupting in our towns and cities, why so much knife crime? Why are knifes and other weapons so easy to acquire through the likes of Amazon and Wish.com? Why are sentences for such violent crimes so light when we young people's live are being so brutally ended? We need to save our NHS I'd be happy to pay a penny a day tax to save it and I'm sure millions of other people would stand with me on this. Why are so many people homeless when all around me I see new builds arising? This is what the people of the UK need to be focused on not stopping a whole city or causing ciaos by using drones at airports because a group founded by Marxists said so.

Social media can be a powerful tool in the right hands perhaps using it to raise awareness of climate change would be better than protesting in a way that causes a public nuisance and stirs contempt instead of raising awareness for the cause you feel the need to fight for it would also cause less a carbon footprint if you think about it too, I wonder how many of the people at these protests drove to them, did they car share? Think about the extra mileage people had to drive to avoid congestion caused by such protests, I wonder how many people were sat in cars with engines idling away because they got caught in congestion because of ER protests I bet the carbon footprint for places around where ER decided to occupy actually doubled during the times their protest have taken place, I wonder how many extra refuse lorries, spewing fumes in to the atmosphere were needed to clean up the mounds of litter left in London by protesters I'm sure the participants thought they were doing good at the time but they need to face reality and think about the damage they are causing and the aftermath of their actions.

Rant over sorry guy's it's been bugging me for days then I see this in local news and it pushed me over the edge, I'm not planning on getting married anytime soon but I'd be pissed if my mum chose to attend a small protest instead of my wedding.

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