Rant Alert! Politics, DWP and Disability!

Why is this election causing what is essentially Civil War right now? I have no trust in any party and I have been verbally attacked and abused online for saying this. I also keep getting told to vote for the policies not the person in charge of the party, well ok some of the policies look good on paper but how will any of these policies be financially viable and with the track record of the leaders of these parties how many will actually be implemented? I'm getting sick of politicians making false promises, BoJo said we'd be out on 31st Oct he's proven to be a liar, I can't support a party I'm getting sick of politicians making false promises, BoJo said we'd be out on 31st Oct he's proven to be a liar, I can't support a party that is openly anti-Semitic and seemingly supports terrorism and other parties seem weak and out of touch with the people.

However you voted in the EU Referendum shouldn't matter what matters is that more people voted to leave that remain and if this decision gets overturned and we don't leave then why the hell do I bother getting out to a polling station to vote on anything because the voice of the people clearly does not matter however we vote, so what's the point? In my opinion any MP who are advocating for a U-turn on this but clearly does not have the interests of the people at heart, this is why I'm torn over actually going to the polling station in December, I have no trust in any political party or leaders, If this was a local election then I'd know who to vote for as I see the local MP's out and about actively working hard to improve my community.

People keep blaming the Conservatives for our current predicament but look long and hard at the history books and this is what I've seen with my own eyes Labour get in after making attractive policies that look good on paper, then they fuck it up and get the country in debt, the Conservatives take over try to fix Labours fuck-up the only way they can: Austerity, then they are the bad guys but just think without the taxpayer there would be no NHS, DWP or Highway Maintenance, the list goes on.

Yes The DWP fuck up but that's only because there are too many people falsely claiming benefits that should be going to the truly needy and they outsource from the likes of Capita who in my opinion need to vet their "Qualified Medical staff" as I wonder how they can give someone who is then caught dancing on a cruise ship with a pint in their hand £1000's of pounds yearly because they say they cant stand for more than a second and can't even hold a small glass of water themselves when there are real claimants being penalised because they have additional needs, MH Issues and social anxiety. Surly looking at medical records of the claimant and doing a full physical exam would prove whether a person is lying or not due to muscle tone and the like, The DWP loses hundreds and thousands of pounds on false claimants each year and can never fully recover the money stolen from them costing the taxpayer along the way due to court fees and the like, and these people virtually get off scot-free with either a suspended sentence, a fine for not even a quarter of what they stole or community service. (Benefit fraud is theft, it's theft from not only the DWP and government but from all the taxpayers and those who really need extra financial support to live a better quality of life).


My other gripe is that for far too long people with disabilities and additional needs are automatically seen as being unfit for work by the whole of society in general, I tell you this is not true, I have a medical condition that limits my mobility, causes me pain, mental fogginess and fatigue yet I work and pay taxes. I know many other people in the same position work, but I also see that most employers are unwilling to take on a disabled employee, they are unwilling to make reasonable adjustments to allow this potential employee to work to their full potential, and it's not just employees, for some reason if a person sees me with a walking stick or in a wheelchair they automatically assume I do not and cannot work (to which I say bullshit I'm getting paid to write this blog amongst other duties), Why? Because there is a culture even in 2019 where people think if you are in a wheelchair or have any kind of disability then you don't and can't work and this needs to change.


Also some people with disabilities are stuck in the belief that they cannot work due to this culture, it starts in school, most SEN schools don't have a full curriculum and don't offer GCSEs or equivalent qualifications on site and don't actively encourage the potential of students, I have a varity of friends with SENs who work voluntary in charity shops and have interests they could develop into a career if they were supported properly, My own brother left his SEN school and gained qualifications after he left college where he was essentially re-taught what he'd learned at school: How to survive the big bad world and keep good hygiene practices. He went to Derby's Rycote Center where he did work experience at Derby City Council House, he loved it and expressed a wish to actually work there for real, his support worker and his social worker facilitated this and he's now worked there a number of years and he couldn't be happier, he loves the onsite support and freels safe and comfortable in his work environment. Perhaps the whole Government should look at how Derby City Council look after their disabled employees and roll out a government initiative based on this model. Not everyone is as lucky as my brother or I in finding a job especially one you love.


If a party could offer policies such as:

  • Saving the NHS by getting rid of quangos and highly paid non-medical staff and letting it be ran by those on the front-line such as nurses or doctors who can see where money needs to be spent best.

  • Get Breit over and done with, it's gone on far too long and there or bigger issues our country is facing right now that really need to be dealt with.

  • Overhauling the justice system, 15 years for taking a life is farcical most offenders only serve half this sentence and are free to re-offend and figures show that most of them do. (How is it fair that when someone is murdered and families are torn apart the offender after a short time gets to pick up where they left off and live the rest of their life, it really should be a life for a life. Our justice system is way too soft)

  • overhaul the curriculum at SEN Schools, encourage the students to gain meaningful employment, not only will it elevate the strain on the DWP but it will improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of these student in the future. ( I know not everyone with SENS can work but I know many people who have potential and a desire to gain meaningful employment, SEN Schools need to change their outlook and screen pupils who show potential and then harness it rather than overlooking them because well for the school it's just easier).

  • Do more for disabled employees, yes The Equality Act 2010 should cover this but sadly in reality it doesn't, I know from experience not many employers are willing to make reasonable adjustment or take the risk on a disabled employee and this need to change.

  • Overhaul the DWP big time, I see more and more stories of benefits cheats in the media and wonder how could this possibly happen, perhaps employ the NHS to do assessments rather than private companies, this in turn would also plough money into the NHS so it's a win-win for me. The NHS would have instant access to patient record and could speak with consultants and GP's directly therefore making a fairer assessment and weeding out the bad apples. Also from what I've learnt about JSA, claimants need to search and apply for a set amount of jobs each week or face sanctions even if they are over or under skilled for the vacancy, to me this is a waste of time because potential employers get bogged down with useless CV's when looking for a potential candidate and these claimants could actively be doing something useful instead of applying for jobs the don't have a cats chance in hell of even getting an interview for. Now I see thousand of Jobs posted daily on jobsites some you don't need much skill for others you need many skills perhaps the DWP could work with other government agency to retrain genuine job seekers, (now I say genuine because I have seen people on JSA boast they did there job search in two hours and spammed out their generic C.V to has many as they could on job sites then justs spend 5 mins a day filling out their online record to make it look like they are actively searching for work, whilst sat in a pub drinking the money the supposedly need to live on, I get so pissed off by the amount of people that do this when I work hard and I am essentially paying for them to get blottoed). I think any genuine job seeker could find a job within 6 months therefor JSA should only be given to claimants for six months.

  • Save our greenbelt more and more land is being swallowed up by land developers, there are plenty of empty buildings that could be redeveloped into livable spaces yet the government and developers seem intent on destroying our green spaces and building shoddy homes that cost an arm and a leg.

  • I don't agree with burger flippers being paid the same as a fully trained chef, you should be paid for your skill level and time served, not because a wage rise is a political carrot to dangle. I think that those who work in core services like NHS, Police and Fire service deserve to be paid more than any celebrity or footballer, these people save lives on a daily basis, I'm not talking about the pen pushers or bookkeepers I'm talking about those on the frontline, Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers and Firemen/women so they deserve and pay rise they demand plus hazard pay, (these people are my heros).

Now I know my ideas seem whimsical in some respect but these are policies and Ideas I could get behind. These things mean more to me than what any political party is offering. To me The house of Commons is currently a circus and party leaders and MP's have forgotten their place they are civil servants and should serve the public, instead they all seem to serve their own needs and agendas and are forgetting who they got where they are today, it's us the people that put them there and they need to remember that, so think long and hard about who you vote for yes policies all look good on paper but will the person and party behind those policies really deliver? Look at track records of all parties and leaders don't be enticed by carrots. Yes some of these leader have made bad decisions regarding their personal lives and may not be likeable but you don't have to like them if they have a proven track record of getting the job done, we are all only human after all. So I will be thinking long and hard before I head to the polling station in December and I will be doing my research.

Lisa Varty, Social Media Manager and Writer for The Derbeian Magazine

Written by Lisa Varty for The Derbeian Magazine, ©3 V Media Limited.

(Note by Lisa Varty all views are my own and are not that of anyone else at 3 V Media Limited.)

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