So I'm a little appalled by what's been happening lately and I do think that in 2020 there should be no room for fear and hate of any person based on their skin colour, race, religion, sexual orientation, personal identity or disability, But I can't abide tearing down history as if it never happened this article and many articles that I have seen over the last few days really make me fear for the preservation of our past and my hopes for the future. It feels like a majority of people want to erase the terrible parts of our history, but no matter how horrible it is, it happened, and we need to learn from it.

What is next, tear down Auschwitz like it never happened? Because it did happen to over 6 million people, it happened. It's horrible, it's distressing but it's educational it's there to remind us there is evil in the world and terrible things happen, it's there to make us think let’s not let this happen again. Without this horrible history how will we ever learn? Most of those that did survive Auschwitz have passed on now, and their first-hand accounts are all

are all but lost. what’s next burning books and getting arrested for having a sense of humour? Because yes, my ancestor’s history is horrible the way were treated is pure evil but I don't want that history, those memories erased because then their deaths, their struggles and their survival would mean nothing. And all this censoring of old TV programs doesn't help either, yes some of it is wrong but back in the 50's, 60's,70's, things were different and also things began to change in 1955, Rosa Parks Got on a bus and had the ride of her life, she started the change before Dr King rose up and used his incredible voice, but not once did he say let’s pull down statues and erase history, he wanted us to learn from it and I feel he'd be appalled by what is happening today.

If you want to erase history and erase the period of slavery, well you’re going to have to start way back with the Roman's or beyond, and erase every film that depicts slavery good or bad even the film Beloved, that depicts a mother played by Oprah Winfrey, who struggles with her Mental Health after years in captivity and finally becoming free (it is a good film, a little spooky and not for kids) but if you truly want to erase history and anything that depicts that period of time then this is one of the films that has to go along with Spartacus staring Kirk Douglas, as it could potentially glamorise slavery and let’s not forget American Horror Story: Coven, it depicts Madame Delphine LaLaurie and the evil she did to slaves and black people for her own pleasure (I actually wouldn't have known about this woman or her evil if I hadn't have watched AHS: Coven, I had to google her because I thought no, this woman can't be real but had heard rumours on fan pages so I checked it out for myself and yes she was a real, evil person). Yes Faulty Towers, Rising damp and even Different Strokes (an American sitcom about a mixed race family) did have racist, sexist and homophobic undertones in nearly every scene, but this was a sign of the times then people were not as educated on such subjects as they are now, should we censor Barry Humphrie's because his depiction of Dame Edna is offensive to the trans community and women in general? and if Little Britain has to go shouldn't the movie White Chicks (btw I love this movie) because it makes white, privileged, woman look dumb? Is that not also an issue? What about The Simpsons character, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, doesn't this character take the piss out of all Indians and then we have my personal favourite, The Big Bang Theory that first aired in 2007 it's filled with Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Jew jokes, jokes about Crazy, Christian Texan's and well nerds and geeks the list goes on but I love this show, also one of the main characters say's on many occasions "I'm not crazy, My mother had me tested" because people question his odd behaviour but doesn't this diminish people with mental health issues?, Hell even Peaky Blinders has tones of racism and anti-Semitic jokes and that started airing in 2013. Should I be offended by every little thing, should I destroy or erase every little thing that offends me?

Should we censor all of these? So as not to offend?

No, I don't think I should, what I should do, and we as a whole should do is watch this stuff preserve it and talk about it, talk about how it made you feel and why, why did you laugh at that one Jew Joke, why did you laugh at Raj's stereotypical one liner, why do you laugh so much at The Simpsons when it so out of order? Why did people in the 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond laugh at the likes of Faulty Towers, Rising Damp and even One Foot in the Grave and Keeping Up Appearances could be deemed offensive. So instead of destroying and erasing everything, go home where it's safe, stop spreading the virus turn on your computer and watch all things people are deeming, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Trans-phobic, Antisemitic and Ableist and read as much as you can about the horrible history that's happened since the dawn of time itself, and think about this, how will you ever learn about these things if there is no material source to educate yourself with what’s to stop another Hitler rising in 50-100 years’ time if we have nothing to learn from?

Stop the madness now, Stamp out fear and hate of all kinds by educating yourselves and those around you, don't destroy history however horrible it was, because if you want to deny any bad stuff that happened you will have to deny the good stuff too, like Rosa Parks and Dr King you want to stamp out the history of racism you will have to deny these figure too so think about that as you tear down statues and censor TV programs, I fear books and internet articles are next on the hit list of those wanting to deny the horrible side of history. STOP THE FEAR, STOP THE HATE AND EDUCATE!

#Racism #Sexism #Homophobia #Transphobia #Antisemitism #Ableism #StopTheFearStopTheHateAndEducate

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