Hi all, welcome to The Derbeian Blog. I'm Lisa Varty and I hope to bring you all the latest news from Derby and Derbyshire as well as share my memories and images of our beautiful city and beyond, I will also review local services. I also hope that you will share your stories and images and make this blog truly spectacular for the people of Derbyshire and beyond.

I grew up in Derby and have some great memories, I really miss The Main Centre which is now where The Intu shopping Centre stands, after a family day of shopping my parents would take my sister, brother and I for a cuppa and sometimes a bite to eat at Clementines Cafe, in my teens I did get in trouble for skateboarding in the area before it was flattened to make way for the Eagle Shopping Centre expansions. I also remember the Colosseum Pub where my parents nipped in after getting married before the big reception in the evening.

I feel sad with the current state of Derby, once glorious buildings are being left to rot like The Great Northern Railway Warehouse or the The Hippodrome on Green Lane. I'd love to

see these building saved and bought back in to use for the community but fear this will not happen in my lifetime or it will be deemed cheaper by the local council to just bulldoze them sighting health and safety concerns.

But Derby still has a great vibe and lots of potential and is my home so I can only pray that which ever council is in charge of our wonderful city will look after our heritage whilst improving it for residents and visitors alike.

I hope this blog appeals to all Derbeian's home and away please feel free to email me at lisa@thederbeian.com if you have new, images and memories you would like to share, make a request for me to review a local service of just to say hello.

I hope you all have a great day, It could get up to 31° out there today so where sunscreen, keep hydrated and stay safe.

Lisa V

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