After reading this article in The Daily Mail Online I to have write something, anyone who knows me know I love animals and I'm an avid dog lover. The article can be read here:

Wow I knew there was something suspicious about this from the outset, I will be following this story. I still don't believe the dogs are dead, these are high value breeds and I'm sure if the police dig into this ladies financials they might find she actually sold them. Either way this woman was in a position of trust and is making hard working dog sitters/walkers look bad. I'd never entrust my boy to someone I don't know because of stories like this.

I hope I'm right and that these beautiful fur-babies are alive, the owners have been through emotional and mental torture, led on a wild goose chase only for this woman to admit she lied, Sadly you get more time in prison for theft and fraud than you do for harming an animal (this is why I believe the dogs are alive and have been sold on), if this is the case it's still abuse these animals had homes and emotional connections with their owners, to tear them from those homes and sell them to people they do not know whould be very confusing and emotional for them so either way this woman is cruel.

Sadly as this is an ongoing case the police force dealing with this case won't reveal certain details like how these 5 pups supposedly died as it could impede the investigation and any charges bought against Louise Lawford, It's bad enough that Speedy the greyhound suffered an horrible death last week due to an incompetent dog walker who thought it was a good idea to put several dogs in a cramped van and walk them at lunchtime on one of the hottest days of the year for the sake of money but at least that dog walker was honest and held their hands up to their mistake but Louise Lawford lied and gave these owners false hope, she's already lied once, what's to stop her lying again? .

I feel for these owners, and it' sad to see people saying "if they weren't so lazy and walked the dogs themselves this wouldn't have happened" I say to them: Bullshit sometimes people want the best of both worlds, pets bring a wealth of happiness to people's lives, but can be expensive and people want to work and own a pet, some people may have been in perfect health when they first got a pet but may be unable to walk them now due to failing health, you should be able to trust someone who pet sits/walks for a living to take care of your pet the only person at fault here is Louise Lawford. I'm sure the owners checked this scumbag's credentials before entrusting their fur-babies into her care, who wouldn't!

One dog like Speedy the greyhound is an accident, five high value dogs going missing/being killed is intentional in my opinion, I hope the police look at all aspects of this case including the idea that this woman is greedy and knows she will get a much lighter sentence for animal cruelty than she would for theft and fraud. More needs to be done to make criminal sentences for any form of animal cruelty harsher, I believe if you can hurt an innocent, defenseless animal you can do much worse to a human.

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