Hi, Lisa Varty here, welcome the Derbeian Corona outreach page. I’ve set this page up to help the people of Derby and Derbyshire who are self-isolating for 12 weeks under Boris Johnson’s instructions that those over 70 or with health conditions should do so. I myself am having to self-isolate due to health issues but I’m lucky I have family and friends who are helping me out, and I can still work because I’ve always worked from home at first the idea of self-isolation was quite daunting, but after speaking to my family and making sure I have a good support network so I should be ok, but some of you won’t be so lucky so I’m trying to do my part during the Corona Virus Crisis by setting up this outreach page and Facebook group to help those who don’t have anyone to help. The idea of this page is to create a bulletin board for those that don’t have anyone to rely on to help get essential items and medication delivered, hopefully those of us who can go out to shops and pharmacies will step up and help get food and medication to those in need. There will be a Facebook group where people can post what they need and for others who can help to reply to posts, people in need who don’t have access to Facebook can email me at lisa@thederbeian.com or send a text to 0771 4981899 and I will post a bulletin directly on to this page and on Facebook with a ticket number where people who want to help can then text or email to offer their help. Those asking for help must make sure items are paid for before a volunteer picks them up and those delivering essential items must leave them on the doorstep and have no physical contact with the person they are helping.

Also on this page I will be posting regular updates from official government websites regarding the situation and would like any local shops or business that offer delivery services of essential items to get in touch so I can create a database for those in isolation so they are aware of the services available their area as it’s getting harder to secure delivery shops with online supermarkets so if you are a pub delivering food, Butchers, Green Grocer or any other kind of essential item supplier please get in touch (Free Advertising!).

Wise words by Kevin Kemp, via Facebook. Think about it guys STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES!

Wise words by Kevin Kemp "What I'm trying to do here is show how quickly the quickly the Coronavirus can spread Matt is a single man who works with 100 people very day showing no symptoms until day 10 Lucy is a mum with a husband and 2 kids. Lucy takes the kids to 'family groups' every other day, the groups have 100 people attending, no one is showing symptoms until day 10 Ralph is the Managing Director of a global company and every Monday he invites 100 staff to attend a 'weekly meeting', no one is showing symptoms until day 10. Sorry about the complexity of this but during the first week Matt has potentially infected 100 people every day with the virus (due to close proximity), those 100 people meet and mingle with 500 others during the week.....potentially 500,000 affected every week Lucy has potential to infect 100 people at her 'family groups'. so that's 100 people potentially infected, then add family members...lets say the numbers are now 300. Then add that each off the 300 meet

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Okay Guy's we have our First Offer of help from Peter Barber, who can help anyone who needs a car and driver on weekends daytime hours. Please text me a message day before if possible due to work. My number is+447731803858. No fuel charge. Thanks Peter

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Have kids at home with nothing to do? Want to keep them occupied and thank our Key workers that are doing their best to save lives and keep our country running? Then why not download our free thank you Key Workers PDF so your kids can colour them in and stick them in your windows for all to see. Just click on the Icon to download.

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Community Rules:

No bullying of any kind you will be blocked.

No foul language there’s just no need.

No money is to swap hand, all items must be ordered and payed for before they are delivered.

Absolutely no physical contact between people in isolation and those delivering essential items.


Please be aware that 3 V Media Limited can take no responsibility for loss and damages incurred if you use this page to gain help or help someone during this crisis, Thank You.